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how do you feel about paul's departure? :(

Absolutely devastated. Besides the obvious of being fan of the character, i’m sad to see yet another original cast member leave the show. After 14 seasons i’m pretty attached to all of them! Plus this was totally unexpected. Maybe i’m just bad at keeping up with the news but I had no idea this was coming.

Now i’m just dreading how they are going to deal with his exit. His last episode is due to air May 7th (i’m in the UK so i’ll be watching it on May 8th which is my birthday THANK YOU CBS) so they can’t kill him off. It would utterly destroy me.

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'CSI' Shocker: Original Star to Exit (Exclusive)

Paul Guilfoyle has played Captain Jim Brass for all 14 seasons and will be written out in May’s season finale.

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I’ve never seen somebody so excited about their neighbor being killed.

Season 4, Episode 12: “Butterflied”

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CSI Parallels → “Do I look like Paula Abdul to you?” 2.0

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